Sherwood Estates - producer of premium grapes in the Riverland region | Sherwood Estates - Producer of Premium Wine Grapes in the Riverland
Sherwood Estates - Producer of Premium Wine Grapes in the Riverland South Australia
Sherwood Estates - Producer of Premium Wine Grapes in the Riverland
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About Sherwood Estates

J.W. Proud and his young family first settled on the banks of the Murray River at Cobdogla in South Australia during the final years of WW1. In the late 1920s Jack moved his family to Loxton where, as an engineer, he assisted with the commissioning of the Sherwood Irrigation Area’s steam driven pumps.


Today, Sherwood Estates P/L is a Collaborative Farming Venture, operated and managed by third and fourth generations of the Proud family; Brett, Andrew and Brayden.


Sherwood Estates P/L manages 200 hectares of wine grapes and is a showcase example of best practice viticulture in the Riverland, leveraging insights through the industry’s leading networks to consistently deliver outstanding quality grapes.

The Team

Business Manager, Brett Proud

Contact: 0417 861 678

Andrew Proud
Vineyard and Operations Manager, Andrew Proud

Contact: 0407 107 177

Braydon Proud
Machinery and Workshop Manager, Brayden Proud

Contact: 0409 676 488

Ben Wehrmuller
Ben Wehrmuller

Contact: 0406 185 254


Sherwood Estates P/L grapes are being pursued by winemakers from around Australia for their vibrant, varietal honesty, with fruit going to wines exclusively for the US market and into brands of global renown.


Chardonnay and Shiraz are the backbone of Sherwood Estates P/L along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Emerging Mediterranean varieties which are well suited to the hot and dry climate of the Riverland are gaining a reputation, most particularly for Sherwood Estates P/L, Bianco d’Alessano.

As a mid-late ripening variety, Bianco d’Alessano makes a wine very similar to Riesling. This variety shot to fame in Australia when it was awarded Wine of the Show at the 2010 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show.

More recently Alex Russell Wines (Alejandro label), was awarded a bronze medal for the 2016 Bianco d’Alessano at the 2016 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show.

White Grape Varieties

Bianco d’Alessano


Chenin Blanc



Pinot Gris

Sauvignon Blanc

White Frontingnan

Red Grape Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon





Petit Verdot

Pinot Noir

Red Frontingnan



Care of the land is fundamental to the Sherwood Estates P/L business. To consistently deliver the quality objective and hand a healthy property to future generations, there is constant focus on:

  • Technology development and adoption for efficient vineyard management

    The Sherwood Estates P/L business structure enables constant review of production efficiencies, which delivers regular upgrades in equipment and technology to maximise output.

  • Environmental sustainability and water management programs

    With less than 300mm rainfall annually, efficient management of water is a high priority.
    Drip irrigation is employed throughout all the vineyards with constant on-site monitoring.
    Vines are planted on drought tolerant rootstocks where they naturally scavenge for soil water, whilst mid-row management with under vine mulching and soil monitoring optimise water use.

  • Nutritional programming & Low Impact Agrochemicals

    Working alongside industry leaders such as plant pathologist Peter Magarey and research agronomist, Shane Phillips, a tailor made spray and plant nutrition program has been developed to enhance the production of best quality grapes, using low environmental impact chemicals.
    Sherwood has recently established its own worm farm to produce high performance, organic fertiliser.

  • New Clones

    Development of new clones in conjunction with industry leading viticulturist and the Yalumba Nursery to maximise:
    Climate & environment
    Consumer opportunity



Sherwood Estates are located in the Riverland at Loxton North, South Australia.

Brett Proud irrigating

Brett Proud
91 Alamein Ave,
Loxton North
SA 5333

 0417 861 678